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05.08.12 6 Comments
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The wind of the spirit is blowing and I have been seeing windmills in the spirit drawing on unseen streams in the desert to water the flock..I have heard the wheel spinning in the wind and the sucker rod rising and falling…I smell the mud from the tank to the holding pond..and see lots of tracks. The smell of livestock is strong as is the tender new grass gathering at streams edge. There is also a pile of sucker rods stacked up and rusted in the laydown yard out yonder… sucker rods are the connection from the windmill it self to the pump under ground.

When I asked for clarification I get James 2:5  “Listen, my beloved brethen: Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and in their position as believers and to inherit the kingdom which He has promised to those who love Him? ..Are you willing to be shown you foolish fellow, that faith apart from good works is inactive and ineffective and worthless? The good works of the blind seeing, deaf hearing, lame walking, lepers cleansed, demons driven out and dead raised…captives set free, prisoners released from bondage…life and life abundant.

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I see the  Lord  renovating the apparatus of the windmills so they can draw deeper. Stacks and stacks of sucker rods out in a grassed over lay-down yard. Forgotten by a previous generation, they are an essential  tool for getting fresh water to the surface.

Prior to electric and solar wells there were windmills, ancient tools that took maintaining to keep running..they are an universal piece of equipment used by people all over the world..

Some people are decorative windmills, blowing in the wind but drawing forth no water for the flocks. Sitting in a manicured lawn surrounded by glorious heaps of flowers…yet no one can expect a drink there. There is no sucker rod in sight. There is no livestock in sight. Only brilliant flowers that fade when they are plucked from their bed and are watered from the garden hose, come fall they disappear  leaving  few nutrients behind.

We hear the clink of both of these windmills- the dry and the wet, and can see them both from a distance..Yet on closer inspection we find no sucker rod on one even though it makes the noise of provision and resource. And on the other not only whir of the blades but the rhythmic clink of a connected rod and pulse of water splashing into the tank revives our thirsty souls.

The others, the wet wells are out in dry pastures or deserts, yet at their feet are the muddy tracks of stock watering there. Much life abounds, rabbits, toads, garter snakes, tadpoles, frogs, cows, sheep, horses, flies, mosquitos and hawks and  horseflies. Green, blue and yellow dragon flies… minnows, sometimes…volunteer trees and bushes, the list is long. Curious lively things are found at windmills.. On still, breeze less days the flocks can still get water because of the holding pond. Green ribbons of buffalo grass follow the stream into the runoff pond/tank creating a lounging area for all sorts of critters.

Reminds me of the story where the ox  is not muzzled there will be much muck, don’t be muzzling the ox. Windmill without a  a sucker rod to draw are the same but diferent as the muzzled ox-lots of machinery but no life.

It is not enough to have your fans catching the wind – you must be connected to the source of the life. ..perhaps it is time to go out to the laydown yard and find your sucker rod among the high grass.

For as the human body apart from the spirit is lifeless, so faith apart from works of obedience is dead also.

What’s in your tank?                 Cluster1_500.jpg (26969 bytes)

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Edie Reno prophetic artist, sculptor, racantouer, and teacher.
  • Pepper

    I just had James 2:5 come to me this morning. Often infact… I feel I’m doing something wrong when I read it… I don’t understand the passage and how it pertains to me… Your vision on the matter is interesting…. makes me think

    • Ejreno2011

      It (James 2:5) is a reminder to not judge on looks. To walk in the Spirit of the Lord, not the spirit of the world.

  • Pepper

    Makes me think of Cisterns and railroad tracks piled up… waiting to be placed…

  • Edie

    I also see some of the wells, the wet ones on top of high divides. Some in vallies;where ever we are we need fresh water.

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    • Edie Reno

      Dear Xumer, Thank you for the kind words. I’ve exhumed my blog and have begun to write again.