Prophetic Art of Edie Reno

Calling The Unseen Seen (CD)


As I was teaching art in the communities I kept hitting a resistance in the spirit. It seemed as if the students had never seen a pencil much less use one. As if their eyes were closed but open…..one day the Lord said”Bezalel.”  to me. Bezalel? As I looked for the word/name I discovered that Bezalel was the first artist in the bible to be filled with the spirit of revelation and wisdom by the Lord. Wow, really? An artist filled with your spirit, how exciting….and from this quest of His heart for imagery, for creativity, for spirituality came this teaching. It separates prophetic art and art with conciseness.  This cd will remove the doubt that you were called to be a prophetic artist. It will encourage and equip you to mine the excellence Heaven deposited in you.

Recorded at Empower The Anointed, this cd is a powerful tool for artists, intercessors, teachers and prophetic groups to go deeper in the spirit.

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White Antelope exists to model, promote, teach and inspire art, including prophetic art, with the goal of helping others understand and harness the inherent property of healing that art carries, both through the production and appreciation of artistic works.

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