Prophetic Art of Edie Reno

Blue Elk Rising


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When I walked into the conference room the word elk, elk, elk kept coming into my senses.   I thought it was a word for a great white hunter friend who was at the meeting, not so.

As I began to paint during worship the impression of roses pressing against me was  powerf. It was all I could do but capture as many flowers as I could before another rush of roses hit. Aromas of rose and sandalwood hit my nose, as I painted away I became aware of my Beloved in the room touching people’s heads in the crowd. A brilliant light emanating from him, pouring out His healing spirit over their minds. Later a man from the crowd said he experienced the touch and healing continued to ensue for him during the conference.

Then I was aware of a bull elk staring at me as I painted, when I made eye contact with him he lifted his head and snorted. Yet he did not leave, so I painted him into this experience.


40″ x 50″
Acrylic and Ink
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