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Sons of Cedar

Sons of Cedar

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Was at a coffee shop listening to a man denigrate his children to a supposed friend. After this man went on and on for several minutes his friend chimed in and asked " How do you want those last few words served back to you? "Hot and caustic " as he poured most of a bottle of Tabassco sauce over the bitter man's eggs. "Because youve just cursed the arrows of your quiver." "They will go on into eons cursing all those they touch. First yiu, then all of your offspring.""How about a sweet embrace of love? " as he slid his frenchtoast still steaming into the place of the sullied eggs.

Speak blessings over your children. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Learn to wield it with grace.

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Edie Reno prophetic artist, sculptor, racantouer, and teacher.