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White Antelope Studio LAUNCHED!

White Antelope Studio LAUNCHED!

05.05.12 No Comments

Well the baby is launched amid hubbub of gardening, renovating of the basement and getting ready for  sculpture show Carnivale at the Custer County Art Center http://ccac.milescity.org/ in Miles City, Montana starting June 1, 2012.

Much thanks to SharpMachineMedia and Jesse Kade for a job well done on this site.

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Do YOU have PASSION to create AND move in the SUPERNATURAL?
..Wonder what your PURPOSE is in God’s Kingdom?
..CONVERGENCE of your passion and
purpose are guaranteed at this event…FREEDOM!!! 2 WORSHIP http://www.freedom-2-worship.com/  another project that has been building momentum.

These 3 days are about the spirit of God moving in you as an artist and not so much about technique though that will be exhibited as well.

You will be sorely missed if you don’t show, JOIN US and experience a revolution and explosion of your spirit that exceeds all you ever dreamed of. All the speakers move in the supernatural and are passionate about releasing the arts ( ALL 7 of them) in people’s lives. Earth with out ART is ….eh, as those in the know know.

Celebrate, net-work, watch your confidence soar as you practice your passion and gain new ones. There are so many people waiting to meet you. And, and the Father of Lights is looking for you in HIS art studio. Eye has not seen, ear has not heard the songs waiting to be birthed, the paintings soon to be released, dances to be danced,designs that lift continence’s, books to be written to  right mindset, banners to wave with  joyful shouts.

Seeds of God’s greatness, marks of Heaven’s footstep are surging in your spirits to be released into your family, your community, your nation. Now is the time for families to see the sum of the greatness in their garden.

Bring your kids, get your dreams interpreted, paint, bead, flag, write, install, blow your shofar, drum to your heart’s content. The Joy of the Lord is your strength and this 3 days is about instilling JOY.

Under the big top Caleb will be teaching and imparting the passion of flagging, both history and protocol plus creating flags.

Caleb Brundidge www.calebbrundidge.com

” I realized today something I had a aah huh moment. I realize why some churches don’t allow flagging in their churches. Because we have not presented it as a art. This is why I really Love swing Flags it requires the person to practice. i’m always practicing y art. The Bible say to play skillfully before the king. Bring him a offering worthy of a King one he want refuse. Just thinking.”



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