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Happy Trout

Happy Trout

04.13.12 1 Comment

Building on yesterday’s imagery of thoughts being happy trout.

Making art really is a catch and release process. With the authority granted us because we are His children comes the responsibility to submit all to our leader, our establisher.  That in turn releases what was given to us to others.

Oswald Chambers…if you have become bitter and sour, it is because when God gave you a blessing you clutched it for yourself; whereas if you had poured it out unto the Lord, you would have been the sweetest person out of heaven. If you are always taking.g blessings to yourself and never learn to pour out anything to the Lord, other people don’t get their horizons enlarged through you.

Paint the vision though it may be a slight glimmer, then be prepared for it to spawn other paintings, poems, sculptures, songs, buildings, dance, or dramas that start a movement.
Carry on a study of the immeasurable. Get acquainted with watching this world  with Him.  What transitions do they go through? Male or female? Visit them regularly, and make records of changes as seasons progress.  Whole creation shouts of Him, what is being said through color, texture, smell, feel, shape? The ripple effect begins with one act….
Depression can be a hoarding of the many miracles and displays He shows us daily.  At the end of three years of closest  intimacy with Jesus  the desciples “all forsook Him and fled”

“Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you,” and this meant the desciples learned to watch with Him all the rest of their lives. Peter went from denying Him to his first miracle 53 day later…that gives me hope.He has established me.

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